Refer us to your Friends

When a user signs up for an account under your Referal ID, you get € 1.2 or more everytime they recharge depending upon the amount they topup. The more customers you refer, more money you make. You can use the credit earned for making calls or can withdraw the amount when it is greater than € 10.

Simple Steps:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to referrals and Free Credit.
  3. Choose your referral method. Available methods - Our Bulk mailing tool, Importing google contacts, Facebook Share.

There is no limit for the referrals you can send.

Start your own Voip Business

Different Levels of Reselling Option. Reseller Level 1, Reseller Level 2, Reseller Level 3. Create your own ratelists. Target customers in your area and around the world.

Create your own resellers using level 1 and 2. Setup PBX accounts for companies using Reseller Level 2. Expand your network. Our integrated System makes it easier for you to start reselling in 3 simple steps.

Find out more here...


Start selling VoipFibre Voucher PINs in your Country. The User can dial *123# and topup their account easily using VoipFibre Vouchers. Customers will trust Vouchers than Online payments. Almost 80% of Voip traffic in middleeast is bought via Redeem Vouchers. Send a mail to and buy Wholesale Vouchers at reduced rates from Us and sell it at your Currency rates. No Transaction fee collected by us for wholesale purchases. Also, you can customise the amount to be filled in each voucher.

Example: Buy 50 Vouchers from us for 95 Euros. Each Voucher pin number will have 2 Euros Credit. You save 5% purchasing Wholesale from us. Sell it to your Customers in your area for any commission you like.

VoipFibre How to Resell? Tutorial

Here are 4 simple video Tutorials that help you to start using a Reseller account with VoipFibre. To create a new Voipfibre Reseller account, Please send an email to

FREE Updates

Free updates for apps including personalized apps for your need are given regularly.

Dedicated Support

We have an impeccable support System with Executives working 24x7.

Free Web API

Create your own website to manage and automate user creation, assigning ratelist, Reset password and all that with the Web API we provide.

Personilised PC dialer

We provide you with a personalised softphone dialer with your logo absolutely free.

Cloud Android app

You can use the same Opcode and not worry about the app uploading to Stores.

Easy Payment Options

We provide multiple easy payment options for resellers including Credit Card, CashU, Bitcoin, International Bank Transfer.

Easy Interface

The reseller Portal is very easy to use, with hints placed everywhere to guide you.

Multiple Customizable ratelist

Unlimited number of ratelists can be created and managed between your users.

Free Switch hosting

We will take care of the Switch Hosting and Server maintenance absolutely free of cost. There are no extra charges for a reseller account.

How do I make money

You get your ratelist from us. Then create a ratelist for your customers where you chose your margin. After that we remove the virtual amount from your customer's account according to YOUR enduser ratelist. The difference is for you!!


  • Your rate for Argentina mobile is 0,16 EUR
  • You decide to get 20% margin from your customer.
  • Your customer rate for Argentina mobile is 0,192 EUR (0,16 + 20%)
  • For a 5 min call, we will charge you 0,80 EUR and we will charge your customer 0,96 EUR. So your profit for that call is 0,16 EUR.


  • You are free to choose your own rates for your customers, so you can set the margins for each destination
  • You can make different ratelists for different customers
  • You can select a fixed margin (for ex. 10% on all destinations) or make custom lists
  • You can choose the min amount per minute that you wish to earn
  • You decide the billing increment for your customers
  • Your customers can also be resellers and create their own customers accounts. You will earn your profit margin on these calls as well
  • Logging on to the administration unit for your reselling system is seperated from the login page for your customers

  • UK

“Best voip service for Business”

Mid 2013, Our company decided to switch our voip provider to something cheaper due to increase in our call traffic. Thats when I heard about VoipFibre and their incredible rates from Facebook. I contacted them and I was rally happy about their prompt Customer Service. Everything was setup in a weeks time. And we are still using their service.

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